Manufactures Process Control, Automation, and Instrumentation products. GIC was the first company to launch time switches and timers in India. What started as a small venture four decades back, is now a company that offers an array of world-class
products. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, GIC has successfully innovated and continuously improved its capabilities to build a product portfolio that embodies finesse and excelled quality.

  • Electronic timers.
  • Supply monitoring device.
  • Liquid level controllers.
  • Earth leakage relays0020.
  • CBCT with different diameters.
  • Phase failure relays.
  • Under / Over voltage relays.
  • Hour run meters.
  • Programmable logic controllers.


  • Lighting Automation: Time Switches and Light Energy Management Systems.
  • Process Control: Timers, Mini PLCs, GSM Controller, Protocol Converters, Interface
    Converters, Signal Transducer, Power Supplies, Temperature Controllers.
  • Low Voltage Protection and Switchgear: Voltage, Frequency and Current
    Monitoring Devices, Earth Leakage Relays, Temperature Monitoring devices, &
    Liquid Level Controllers.
  • Instrumentation: Hour Meters, Impulse Counters, Rate Indicator, and Totalisers.
  • Injection Molded Plastic Components.