Air Differential Pressure Switch: The AX‐ADPS differential pressure switches are a low‐cost solution for airflow proving and filter status monitoring applications. The switches are available in six ranges and can be used for static pressure switching applications by simply allowing one of the ports to remain open to normal atmospheric pressure. AX‐ADPS units are suitable for use with air, non‐aggressive and non‐combustible gases.


Multi-Range Air Differential Pressure Transmitter ‐ Low DP the AX‐ADPT‐PTH ultra-low differential pressure transmitter is a cost-effective solution for airflow monitoring applications. The unit has 8 jumper selectable pressure ranges. And can be used for
positive, negative, or differential pressure monitoring applications. AX‐ADPT‐PTH units are suitable for use with air, Non‐aggressive and non‐combustible gases. They have jumper selectable Voltage or Current outputs.


2kW Single Phase Power Regulators
The AX‐MPR1‐2 DIN Rail mounting Power Regulators provide continuously adjustable control of electric heating loads from a 0‐10V control input. Applications include electric heating coils, heating cables, and electric furnaces. The AX‐MPR1‐2 uses solid-state switching with ‘zero-crossing technology’ for minimum RFI and provides accurate switching control. The unit features over-temperature protection with automatic reset, LED Indication of Output ON, and is designed to mount on TS35 section DIN Rail. No additional heatsinks are needed.


Single‐Phase Solid‐State Relays.


Advanced Multi Range Air Differential Pressure Transmitter.