1. Maintenance, Testing & Commissioning of
Power & Distribution Systems

• LV Panel
• Capacitor Panel
• Main Distribution Panel
• Final Distribution Panels
• ATS Panel
• On Site Testing and Repairing

2. Maintenance Testing & Commissioning
of Control System

• Automation Panels
• Motor Control Center
• VFD/PLC Panels
• VFD Up gradation
• On Site Testing and Repairing

3. Maintenance of all types of Water Pumps
• Water Transfer Pump
• Water Booster Pump
• Submersible Pumps
• Sewage Pumps

4. Cable Supply / Laying / Termination
• All types of Power, Control &
Communication Cables

5. Electrical Maintenance
6. Electrical Installation works
7. Electrical Fit out works

Quality Control

All our products are designed, assembled and tested as per Local, Regional and International standards. Our Panels have been tested at independent laboratories & certified by International Authorities such as ASTA, LOVAG. This Guarantees the Proven performance of the product. We conduct prescribed routine Tests prior to delivery of every panel. Our Engineers conduct tests and quality checks prior to commissioning at site. On request we also carry out On-Site Performance Tests under full Load conditions.

Factory Tests
• Visual inspection
• Mechanical inspection
• Electrical inspection
• Insulation Resistance Test
• High Voltage Test
• Functional Test

Our brands

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